words without meaning

writing in moody mood, still... 
this entry is just about me, ranting and rambling about anything just to release my stress..
yeah.. i know! being moody is not really good for our health, but still i am.
i just cannot ignore it.. maybe i still being 'sentap' with what happened in class this morning.
yeahh.. i'm emotional. it's not a big deal anyways..
but maybe because people just don't listen..
urgghh, what am i rambling about??
i don't understand myself so how people can understand me?
being direct..
you know that being direct is better than beat around the bush as u'll get bitten by snakes..
i'm not the type of person who will write in rude manner whenever i'm in a bad mood.. so sorry if my post considered as rude.. sorry.. i'll try to be polite in my writing..

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