What We Should Do


Hey peeps..
I believe that some of us do have ChurpChurp acc, right?
But do we really know what are the 'do's and dont's' as the churpers?
Here are the guidelines, as the reminder for all and me myself...

  1. Sharing it on your Twitter timeline
  2. Sharing it on your Facebook wall.
  3. Sharing it on your other social networks such as Friendster, MySpace, forums and other portals.
  4. Customising your status on instant messengers such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, etc.
  5. Emailing your friends who might be interested

  1. SPAM!
  2. Sharing it on competing brands' social media platforms.
  3. Sharing it on suspicious sites (e.g pornography sites but not limited to) to generate views or clicks!
  4. Use automated methods to generate views and clicks.
  5. Using misleading messages when sharing
  6. Sharing it on the original campaign platforms (such as Facebook fan pages and microsites)
  7. Sharing it on ChurpChurp's Facebook Fan page.
  8. Use PTC (Pay to Click) sites, link exchangers, other such services, or forming groups for this purpose.
  9. Creating dummy email and other social networking accounts for signup campaigns. Accounts must be verified and have a minimum of 25 Twitter followers and/or Facebook Friends.

So, as there is a clear guidelines of what we should do and don't, why don't we just follow it and make things easy for all. Oh, before we end this entry, can you click this link? Help me yeahh~

1 merapu bersama~~:

Anonymous said...

nice...jom datang ngorat blog cik emma... spy kite ly knal2 lagi.. :) jgn lupe like blog cik emma heheheh


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